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lan10K I started to do some jogging in January 2014. You are probably wondering why. Well, let me tell you. It was because I wanted to lose some weight. 😉

In the beginning it was very hard, I couldn’t even run for 50 metres straight. This was kind of frustrating but with a good face I kept doing it and now I can run for 10K without any problems and I enjoy doing it!

So, if you think is not possible let me tell you that it is very possible! Obviously you are going to need to start slowly. When I started I was just walking for a few weeks, later I was running for 20 mins and then walking for another 20 mins.

I have to thank my husband, he was the one who always was motivating me.

Now we are running some races and in the last one I ran 10K in 1:00:03. I did very good and I am proud of myself! For the next race I want to beat my own time 😉

Ohh, at the start of this post I said that my first motivation to start running was to lose some weight and it is true but now if I keep running is because I like it. Best of all I can eat whatever I want without feeling that I am going to gain a lot of weight ha).



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