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Hi everyone,
Sorry for not writing for awhile, it’s been over three years!!! OMG times flies very fast!!!

I think I didn’t feel much inspiration but I am good that I decided to write again so hopefully, this energy for writing doesn’t go away lol.

In this three years, life showed me that not all you want in your life happen how you wanted. But I am still in the fight without not lose the hope and faith.

Anyways, I hope all you readers are doing great with wherever you are doing.

Take care!



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  • Usain Bolt: I love sprint rolls too but they are hard to catch!
  • patheticallypink: Lol
  • patheticallypink: Mario Vargas Llosa has been divorced on 2016. After over 45 years of marriage, the couple decided to not be together....That is how to live is, you ca


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