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Have you ever tried Cebiche?? I know that in different countries have their own style to make it.

I hear that in some countries they put tomatoes or avocado….In Perú the cebiche does not have too many ingredients and I think that is so delicious. The basic ingredients are fresh fish, onions, limes (green ones), spice peppers, and if you want to add sweet potato or corn it will be good!

In some countries they cook the fish with the lime juice but I think that is not the good way to make it….the best way is just make it and eat it right away! Mmmmmm Peruvian Cebiche.



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  • Usain Bolt: I love sprint rolls too but they are hard to catch!
  • patheticallypink: Lol
  • patheticallypink: Mario Vargas Llosa has been divorced on 2016. After over 45 years of marriage, the couple decided to not be together....That is how to live is, you ca


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