About Me

Hi, my name is Pilar. I am from Perú and I decided to write a blog in English (my first language is Spanish so if I make some grammar mistakes I am sure you will guess what I am trying to say) and Spanish as well (so I won’t forget it lol).

In this blog, I’d like to write about different things like food, sports, photography, life. I hope you enjoy reading it

I will be happy to hear from you so if you have any suggestion about something to write just email me to

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It’s a great beginning! We want to hear more!

Concha del Toro

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  • Usain Bolt: I love sprint rolls too but they are hard to catch!
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  • patheticallypink: Mario Vargas Llosa has been divorced on 2016. After over 45 years of marriage, the couple decided to not be together....That is how to live is, you ca


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