Arroz con Pato

Posted on: January 14, 2013

arroz-con-patoWho has been in Perú know that peruvians are very proud of their food!….I always like to go to different restaurants and this is one of the dishes I really like…there are not so many places that make good as this place I went to. It is called “Mar y Tierra” by San Isidro.

When I Looked and smelled this Arroz con Pato (before eat it)  It made my mouth water and I knew that it was going to be so good and guess what…. I wasn’t wrong!! The duck was so soft that you didn’t need a knife to eat it.

This dish have a main ingredients duck (of course), rice and cilantro….one of the secrets that a lot of chef used is beer or chicha de jora (kind of drink of old peruvian cultures) and they put on the side some onions salad which make a good combination when you eat it.

I think if you never have eatten this dish you should give it a try! 🙂


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Deja de contar a los gringos sobre los ingredientes secretos como cerveza!

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