I hope you are having a nice time while you are reading this post. I am about to go to Puerto Vallarta next week. I am really excited because I am going to visit a new place for me. Also, I want to try their food. I am a foodie, love to eat a different kind of food. I am going to go for 9 days so it will be fun fun fun! I am planning to visit the center of the city, visit churches, the beach, read on the beach, just enjoy the time there.

I have only been in Mexico’s airport and people were really nice and friendly. So I think it will be the same in Puerto Vallarta.

I am sure I will write and take pictures to show you how is the city.

Take care!


It is winter time in Perú and here in Lima where I am from and live, it is almost 100% humid and gray in winter. So for those days that the sun doesn’t come out (almost every day in winter) who doesn’t want to eat something warm and delicious?

There is a Vietnamese restaurant very close from where I work and that is where I went for lunch today. I ordered their famous soup PHO and it was very very good.  Before the main dish, it  is good to order an appetizer.  We ordered  for an appetizer I ate spring rolls that were the best I have ever had. 

I’ve been to the USA and visited Vietnamese restaurants (very few) and ate their version of spring rolls that were just ok for me. The best one I have eaten are made by this restaurant called Viet. I think they are doing a pretty good job on their food and the service. 

PS: sorry about the pictures.  I got really excited to eat when I remembered to take the photos,  so probably they are not the best pics lol

Viet’s website: Here

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not writing for awhile, it’s been over three years!!! OMG times flies very fast!!!

I think I didn’t feel much inspiration but I am good that I decided to write again so hopefully, this energy for writing doesn’t go away lol.

In this three years, life showed me that not all you want in your life happen how you wanted. But I am still in the fight without not lose the hope and faith.

Anyways, I hope all you readers are doing great with wherever you are doing.

Take care!

lan10K I started to do some jogging in January 2014. You are probably wondering why. Well, let me tell you. It was because I wanted to lose some weight. 😉

In the beginning it was very hard, I couldn’t even run for 50 metres straight. This was kind of frustrating but with a good face I kept doing it and now I can run for 10K without any problems and I enjoy doing it!

So, if you think is not possible let me tell you that it is very possible! Obviously you are going to need to start slowly. When I started I was just walking for a few weeks, later I was running for 20 mins and then walking for another 20 mins.

I have to thank my husband, he was the one who always was motivating me.

Now we are running some races and in the last one I ran 10K in 1:00:03. I did very good and I am proud of myself! For the next race I want to beat my own time 😉

Ohh, at the start of this post I said that my first motivation to start running was to lose some weight and it is true but now if I keep running is because I like it. Best of all I can eat whatever I want without feeling that I am going to gain a lot of weight ha).

Who doesn’t like strawberries?

Well…there is something I didn’t tell you yet!…I like photograpy! I am taking a class about photograpy and how to use my camera. The class is pretty fun because each class you do a little presentation about why did you take the pictures you took for your homework.

One of the homework the theme was THE COLORS. I took different pictures but the ones who I liked more were the strawberries. Some people that have seen my strawberry photos have told me that only seeing those photos makes them hungry to eat strawberries!

Here are some of those pictures I took and pls feel free to tell me what do you think about them! I’d love to hear opinions! 🙂

In this one I liked the combination of the blue color (from the bowl) and the strawberries.


This one is a close up of the strawberries!


And this one I liked because it looks one of the strawberrie is in a mirror!

arroz-con-patoWho has been in Perú know that peruvians are very proud of their food!….I always like to go to different restaurants and this is one of the dishes I really like…there are not so many places that make good as this place I went to. It is called “Mar y Tierra” by San Isidro.

When I Looked and smelled this Arroz con Pato (before eat it)  It made my mouth water and I knew that it was going to be so good and guess what…. I wasn’t wrong!! The duck was so soft that you didn’t need a knife to eat it.

This dish have a main ingredients duck (of course), rice and cilantro….one of the secrets that a lot of chef used is beer or chicha de jora (kind of drink of old peruvian cultures) and they put on the side some onions salad which make a good combination when you eat it.

I think if you never have eatten this dish you should give it a try! 🙂


Los cupcakes están de moda!!….la verdad es que no soy muy fanática de la cocina o repostería pero el otro día me inscribí en una clase de cupcakes y la pasé súper bien!…me gustó el hecho de compartir con otras personas y sobre todo porque fuí con mi mami….la profe fué muy linda y tuvo una paciencia unica!!!….preparamos cupcakes de chocolate MMMmmm….quedaron buenotes!!!…ahora quiero preparar más jeje….creo que este fin de semana buscaré los ingredientes y haré algunos….vamos a ver que tal me quedan 🙂


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